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Remove the small, weak canes, leaving only four or five of the largest, most vigorous canes per clump or plant. Cut back the lateral (side) branches to 12 inches in length for black raspberries and 18 inches for purple raspberries. When pruning is completed, remove the pruned material from the garden area and destroy it. For summer-bearing (floricane) red, yellow, black, and purple raspberries: March- For red and yellow raspberries, cut canes back to feet tall before growth begins.

March- For black and purple raspberries, cut side branches back to Jul 27, Black or Purple Raspberry Bush Pruning. Remove fruiting canes after harvest. Tip prune new shoots in early spring 3 to 4 inches ( cm.) to encourage branching. Top these canes again 3 to 4 inches ( cm.) in summer. Then after harvest, remove all dead canes and those smaller than ½ inches (1 cm.) in diameter.

Cut Broken Roots. Dig Hole(s): The width of the hole should allow you to spread roots.

If you are planting multiple raspberries, dig holes 2'-3' apart. If you are creating several rows, dig holes 6'-8' apart. Spread Roots in Hole; Shovel Dirt Back in Hole and Add Amend Soil. Water: Give each plant 1"-2" of water. The plants are rather shallow rooted, so moisture needs to be at the. Jan 31, Replanting Raspberry Suckers. Suckers are an easy means of propagation and will grow into plants that are identical to the parent plant.

Replanting suckers can be a great way to increase your garden’s plant stock. To remove these from the parent plant, cut straight down into the soil between the parent and the sucker with a spade or trowel. Raspberry plants are pruned by cutting back canes after they bear fruit. Cut back one-crop, summer-bearing raspberry canes as soon as the harvest is over. Cut these just harvested canes down to the ground. Do not prune back new canes that have emerged during the summer.

After the old, fruit-bearing canes have been cut back, train the new canes to a post or to one or two. Mar 25, Use a ‘T’ shaped trellis with two parallel wires for a single row of raspberries. A 'T' shaped trellis is made by putting two t-shaped boards opposite each other. A piece of wire is strung from one arm of the 'T' to the arm opposite it, on both sides.

This creates a row down the center for the berries to be planted K. Nov 28, Cut into 3-inch sections. Use your pruners to straight-cut the top end of each root section, the part that was nearest to the parent; trim the bottom end of the root cutting on a diagonal. Cover. Backyard Berries – Red Raspberries. Grow your own raspberries. They are naturally sweet and bursting with flavor. They are also antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

Growing your own is more economical and they will be free from pesticide residues. Need: Red raspberry plant (s) Space outdoors with sun or a container at least12 inches in diameter.